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The Internet's Largest Waste of Space!

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And of course, if you're like most people, the first question in your mind is:
     Well, in the real world, there isn't really any space that you could truly say is empty. The space is either filled with houses and buildings or trees or air or water, depending on the level at which you look. You could argue that even outer-space isn't really empty. Now, I suppose that one could say that this isn't really an empty space, but that it is filled with white. Some people say that white space is considered blank, aka empty. There's a whole color theory argument behind it. If you think that black would be more appropriate, click here.
     But, basically, this is empty space, and since it's not being used, it's pretty much a waste. Of course, we could get really philosophical about this and say things like: "By claiming this space as empty and acknowledging it as such, it is no longer unused, and therefore, not wasted." Yadda-yadda-yadda. Kinda the whole 'if the tree falls in the forest / objective reality' thing.
     I say it's a waste, so it's a waste. It's my waste. It's also a waste in that the page and the above graphic waste about 5 KB of disk space for something admittedly stupid and, well, wasteful. But that's okay, 'cuz it's virtual-waste. No harm to the environment, no pollution, no harm to people (except maybe those suffering from agoraphobia <snicker>).
     See what other people have said about the waste?

"How much space is actually wasted?"
     Currently, it's 40,000,000 pixels by 40,000,000 pixels. Actually, I'm not sure that the browsers can display that much, exactly. I'm not going to sit here and count all the pixels, but from putting 100 pixels, and adding to it, it got bigger as I added 0's. And there's no reason, per se, for the number 40 million.

"40 million pixels? How many monitors is that?"
     If you had a bunch of 21" monitors with the resolution set to display 1280 pixels by 1024 pixels (like mine is) then to show the full space, you'd have to stack them 39,063 high and 31,250 wide. (Actually, it's 39,062.5 monitors high, but the extra .5 will give you just enough room to see most of the text on this page.) That adds up, or multiplies actually, to 1,220,718,750 monitors. Which, at the current cost of $1299.00 per monitor for a ViewSonic P810 21" monitor (like mine is), that would cost you $1,585,713,656,250.00. Although, I'm sure you could get a discounted bulk quantity price.
     And while we're on the subject, lets say that you want to borrow that much from a bank, say Fleet Bank, for 48 months at 15.00%. The Fleet Bank loan calculator estimates your monthly payment to be $44,131,597,590.00. Bill Gates couldn't even pay that loan. Here's the breakdown, if you want to know:

Loan Amount: $1,585,713,656,250.00
Monthly Principal Payment: $33,035,701,172.00
Monthly Interest Payment: $11,095,896,418.00
Total Monthly Payment: $44,131,597,590.00
Total of Payments: $2,118,316,684,311.00

"How do I know that this is the biggest waste of space on the Internet?"
     You'll just have to take my word for it. Although, I'll be the first to admit that that isn't saying much. I didn't really do much research, or any for that matter, into whether or not there were any other space-wasting pages of this type on the Internet. Let me know if you find any.