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     Many people have written to me after seeing The Internet's Largest Waste of Space and I have decided to share with you the comments that I've received. Well, not all that many people have written, but I'll still share what comments there have been with you. Anything in between the [ ]'s is my interjected remarks on the comments.
     Disclaimer: Names, e-mail addresses, URLs and other information posted here is displayed here with the intent that, if an interest exists, people will use them in a courteous manner for the purposes of discussion and sharing ideas. Consent to post this information is assumed based on the willingness of those who posted comments to supply said information. If you have a problem with anything, let me know.
Bryan E. Sampieri - Curator
"The Internet's Largest Waste of Space"


I think you should keep the waste of space white. I dunno why....white just looks....blanker to me.
     Any ways, congrates on creating so much wasted virtual space. As the pressures of overpopulation build on our limited world, some may try to colonize your wasted space, for the good of mankind. Don't let them. Without a vast expanse of wasted space, we have no basis of comparison on which to truly value the space we do have that is put to good use.

I can't believe this actually exists. This is crazy. Hehehehe.. man.. have fun.. this is kinda hilarious. I especially liked the part where you figured out costs and everything... keep up the "good" work.
[Believe it... or not.]

Jason M.:
kick ass!

And I thought *I* needed more homework. What a waste of space *AND* time! COOL!!!!

I never would have thought of this. I'm glad to see you have the money to pay Geocities for extra MB of web space that you can afford to waste. =o) And I thought my homepage was a waste of space!

Lee Wilson:
Congrats. This page is certainly THE biggest waste of space since the Spice Girls. Just make sure and keep updating the space regularly.
Lee Wilson.

I counted the pixels. You were pretty close.
[Gee, I didn't even go that far.]

i laughed, i cried, i entertained myself with this page for hours...

Man, what a waste...
[My thoughts exactly.]

HEHEHE.. such a waste, I had to take a moment to reflect on it.

This is by far the sh*ttiest site on the web. You are a loser.
[To each his own, I guess.]

Cliff: (homepage)
And to think, I thought Microsoft's site was a larger waste. Guess not, you win!

d qayle:
What a waste it is to lose one's space, or to never have had a space is very wasteful.
[uhh, okay.]

Chia Herb: (homepage)
What waste???!!!!! Call the Pope, I saw the face of the Virgin Mary. Hallelujah!
[Did it look like this?   :-)   ]

Jon Connor:
Make it a GIF image. Now that really would be a waste of space.
[That's true. By my calculations, a 40,000,000 pixel x 40,000,000 pixel GIF with an 'Exact Palette' with 2 colors (the minimum you can get) would be 862,000,000 Bytes = 841,797 KB = 822 MB. Which with a 28.8 modem (if you could get a true 28.8 connection) would take about 487 minutes or 8.1 hours to download.]

...and you call this a waste of space?!?!
[What? Not big enough?]

Actually, I think Microsoft wastes more space than your page. Unlike the microsoft page, which has no use whatsoever, this page is kinda amusing. But you are still a loser.
[Yet you still took the time to submit your comments.]

You suck man!!!
[You would know.]

When the Wasted Space Police come for you, you can always blame our waste-oriented, everything's-disposable society for your inclination to waste. However, you should be prepared to answer one question during your trial:
Why did you stop?
Something to think about.
[Well, it's just resting. I have some big wasteful plans for this page.]

I bought all those monitors to view the thing, but so far, there is no browser that supports multiple monitor viewing, so I wasted my time and money!! (I'm wasting more time typing this as well!) What a waste!

After a long day waiting for stupid animated gifs of stuborn commercials to load, it is a comfort to know that some pages can load up in a sec. btw what is the ratio of white pixels to non white pixels in this page? you should push to make it the ratio of matter in space (1:10^10, i think, give or take a few 0)
[Well, I'm not sure. I imaging the ratio is quite high, assuming you're including the areas outside the table border.]

Tony Tang: (homepage)
A very good waste of space.

ELLA The Cyber Psychic Dog!: (homepage)
Being Cyber, it's hard for me to take a walk since the Internet is so conjested. I took a leak half way down your page and felt great relief in marking my territory. I was referred to you by my psychic friend, Dionne Warwick. (She has been know to take a dump here)
[All righty, then.]

James Pinson:
Well, I say the only sensible choice of color is black. Why, you ask? Consider this: Before there was a universe, what was there? Darkness. Black. Then God created light. Sooooo... the color that represents nothingness is black. Just my opinion.
[Assuming you believe the Judeo-Christian view of creation...]

it is a beautiful expression of minimalism.

The fact that this page is located at Geocities is yet another testament that this is indeed the greatest waste of space on the internet. fitting that you chose to put it here!

Marcelo Huerta (the apocrif):
I've found a site that has a greater waste of space than this, but I will not waste my time telling you where it is... :-\
[Well, fine! Be that way.]

Manuel Torres Elizondo: (homepage)
Un comentario desde México. Creo que eres un ejemplo perfecto del típico perdedor que se ha resignado a creer que lo único que puede salir de su mente es basura, solo que tu eres mas que eso tu superas el grado máximo de los perdedores ya que tu admites ser uno de ellos y además lo publicas y por si fuera poco le pagas a Geocities por MB extras, iMUCHAS FELICIDADES! Si el mundo estuviera lleno de cerebros como el tuyo no hubiera tantos problemas. Saludos desde México. Si señor!
[Wow! My first foreign language comments!!]

two thumbs up! almost as useless as algebra! keep up the good work!
[I actually know someone that claims to have found a practical use for algebra. So he says.]

Brett: (homepage)
When is a waste REALLY a waste? Why am I wasting my time typing these comments? If this is really a waste, why do we waste our time writing about the waste? Am I wasting my time trying to define when a waste is a waste? I even wasted my time looking up WASTE in a dictionary.
WASTE /weist/, v, to consume, spend, or employ uselessly or without adequate return, use to no avail.
This poses other questions, how do you define adquate return? How do you define useless? There have been a few comments returned, is this adequate return? Perhaps this is not a waste afterall? I think if you have bothered to read this far, you have wasted your time. Phew! I'm feeling a bit wasted after all that! Ha ha It's all good clean fun! WASTE ON!
[Perhaps a bit too analytical, hmmm?]


Spencer Soloway:
Um, yeah it's pretty darn cool, but I have to tell you that it could be more of a complete waste of space. In other words, it's not completely empty, you've got one 'ol large empty frame, true, but you still have something (a frame of course, idiot, what did you think I was gonna' say, you've got a big hunk of cheese?). Why not take out the frame and free up some space to put absolutly nothin in? That's all for now, and yes I do have a lot of time on my hands.

This page is not intrinsically a waste of virtual space. In fact, the comments page utilizes more HTML programming than the page itself. Therefore, it is not ACTUALLY a true waste of space. However, I wasted time on it, and since Einstein's theoretic relativity defines time and space to be one and the same, I guess I did waste time-space. So the title is half right.

Last Call: (homepage)
Is this really 2MB, of space? I took up more than you, just writing that question. Dumbness!!
[No, it's not so much a waste of disk space, as just a big, empty space.]

yohoney: (homepage)
Here back home in Finland we're used to seeing big white useless areas (of snow). Your's is the first one I've encountered on the net. Why didn't a Finn get this wonderful idea? I'm going to make this my start page on my browser just to feel at home every time i start it up. You could make it a gif though, so I would suffer more. Anyway, thanks.
[Unfortunately, I don't have enough space to make it a GIF. Sorry.]


"Waste, Is in the eyes of the beholder"
[How true.]

Danny García Vasquez:
Permiteme decirte que eres el pendejo más grande del mundo al haber hecho esta mamada. Atentamente Danny.

Using a Moltron-CX2 pixel time-phase counter, I was able to uncover the subliminal messages on the seemingly white page. I am now even more convinced of the conspiracy than I was after the Heaven's Gate affair.


[Same someone]:

At last, a page that is what it says it is.

hmmm what to say about blankness weell if uu think about it u cant really saynething bout blankness

Tiff Dogg:
I think you have to be one sick puppy to think up a page like this one...but, whatever floats your boat!! Don't change the color, though...the white is strangely unsettling. :)

Nice to see somebody out there still thinks and has an appreciation for the absurd. Or is it so meaninful that we just can't comprehend it? I still think black would better convey the sense of "emptiness" but hey, it is your space.

Little Booger:
so f*cking stupid. get a life--I'm going to when I get off this page!!!!!!
[Hope you enjoy it.]

Try as I may, I could'nt scroll down to the bottom of your page!

Kermit the Frog:
You know, the Microsoft site is truly a bigger waste of space than your page, although you did give it a good try....the Microsloth page contains about 5 megs of totally useless data and graphics, and their troubleshooting search is totally unhelpful. Good effort, though.
[Ya know, I totally agree with you about the trouble-shooting/help(less)/knowledge base(ignorance base). Totally wasteful and worthless.]

I have an even bigger space. And to make it more of a waste, it isn't on display. Sorry, but I'm not so impressed.

It's very white.

I've been tempted to post my own web site, but didn't want to waste the time putting one together. Looks like you found the perfect solution. Well, almost perfect. A complete waste of time would not prompt anyone to comment on what a complete waste of time it is. -0 <yawn>
[Wasted time is just a lot harder to measure, since you have to waste at least as much time taking the measurement as the actual length of the wasted time.]

WVDW: (homepage)
Scrolling down is pointless. But how do we know there's really nothing down there!
[You don't know, unless you look.]

Are you an American? Let me tell you this is not the biggest waste of space I've found on the net. Its a little naive and big headed to claim you've created the biggest waste of space don't you think?
[Maybe, but the "About the Waste" page does state that I've never done much research into the validity of my claim. Although, if you are referring to Microsoft's site as the largest waste, then I'm sure you know how hard it is to compete with Bill Gates.]

Congratulations !!! You managed to make me waste more time looking at your page than I ever have online.
[No need to thank me.]

Well hello there... Yeah, I'm a little bored here I am, looking thru the "big weenie's wurst sites" or something, and yours happened to be listed there. The internet's biggest waste of space. Well, I actually think it's kinda cool. :) Heheh... label me silly, but I do. but I do have one comment. You know how there's really no such thing as cold? Just the absence of heat? (although...if you've ever stood outside, in 4 feet of snow, in the middle of the night, buck naked, you'll dismiss that quite quickly) is actually an abscence of light. (or...white) So. I'm trying to say that I think your "space" should be black, not white, as it is more of an abscence. Mhm. I really do have a few minutes of my life to spend contemplating this. :) Anyhow... L8as..

Truly Beautiful!

hey, that's really a big space, but I think it would be more 'wasty' if somebody really invested a lot of work to fill such a space with lots of informations and nobody cares about :)
[They have that already. It's available here.]

Ahole Inthe Ground: (homepage)

I'd tell you what I think about it, but it would be a waste
[That's apropos.]

Ted van Gaalen: (homepage)
Please wait.
Your page is 1 of 3,434,503,325,666,245,564 simular
documents found throughout the Milky way and the
neighbouring galaxies
theshold nonsensefact=65
storage used at 2-0323-0439434929 219231=-921: wasted
freed, wasted

Bethany Campbell: (homepage)
Oh my gosh..That was so deep...
[I'm not sure what to make of this remark ;)]

Wow!! This page is pretty cool. I am still laughing at this website. You signed on to GeoPlus for $5 a month just to put up a website like this. What the heck are you smoking?!?!? Don't you have other stuff to do?

This is a big peice of nothing pie. Instead of a gif like that one guy said, make it a jpeg
[Heck, I might as well make it an EPS file.]

Dark Dawn: (homepage)
One of those things that most people wouldn't think of. Although it does make an unique page... congrats.

Rat-Man & Cinthia:
We never seen something like this. Maybe only the Microsoft did something like this, but we know that already... How did this idea come to you??? Just a suggestion: I think the page (or, better, the Waste) should be gray. It's just the base color of the Internet-void. Comunque e' una figata assurda!
[I don't really know how I came to the idea. It just sorta popped up one day.]

Joe The Shmoe:
This page is such a waste

I never

     waste                       space    .

Chris Heffner:
Very interesting! However, by making it available to people aren't you actually creating a use for the waste of space, therfore, it is no longer a waste of space. It is now providing countless wastes of flesh with opportunities to kill time. How can something that has a use be a waste? If you really wanted it to be a true waste of space no one should be able to see it?
[Actually, on the "About the Waste" page, I believe that I mention that same argument. You're right, in a sense, but I think that it's something that people would have to see to believe.]

Kristen: (homepage)
I don't think you should make the space black because almost nothing shows up on black. So theoretically, there could actually be things in the space only no one would be able to see them. Having a white page ensures us that there is nothing there.
[Well, I could put white things in the space that wouldn't show up either. But there certainly is nothing in the space.]

Lovely: (homepage)
I'm just glad to know that my page wasn't the worst example of wasted space on the internet. You must be very proud :) bye-bye and God bless.
[Oh yes, very proud. :) ]


What a waste. You sh*thead.
[Empty space edited to save space.]

Rose Dawson:
This place is only for the people with too much time on their hands, and not enough hobbies! (why else would I come? ^_~ )
[Why else, indeed.]

Interesting. How bored are you to make a page of f*cking nothing? Well it did make me laugh so I have to give you some credit. It could be worse, it could be the cat whiskers collectors or something. Black would definately be a better color for the page though. It wasn't a complete waste though, you have some pretty interesting comments. You really need to find something better to do with your f*cking time or money though.
[Perhaps. Just enjoy it.]

A guy walks into a bar and says...

Cyrus MacKottick: (homepage)
You need an empty page.
Full of nothing.
Nothing is all around us.
It's everywhere.
We just don't see it because it's not really there.
Anentropic yet empty.

a perfect example of maximal Minimalism

I loved it!

Cara: (homepage)
Very amusing, and, as you said, a waste. Perfect for people with too much time on their hands. Also I found it rather interesting that you would pay an extra $5 a month just to keep a shrine to wastefullness up on the Internet. Well, what can I say. It's even more of a waste than MY page. And just look at all the time I've wasted writing this...

Julie MZ:
Creates an impression of lasting serenity and complete peace.


Well - thats the arty sh*t done with.
Wicked man!
Truly awesome.
A big white space.
Who could have thought up smething like this.
And I thought I was crazy until I came on to the internet!

Norman Roskowski: (homepage)
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Thank You from Unscramble,

This got me so interested. It really made me want to find out about the classy people who actually thought of this and made this. My friend said it was cool but she didn't tell me it was this cool. I am overcome with emotion at finding a web site so emotionally stiring. It has enlightened my life.
They do say that sarcasm is the lowest form of flattery!
[Spread it on...]

George Round: (homepage)
Heheh well pretty interesting yet another example of how the lynx web browser automagicly takes all the waste out of browsing the web.



Matt: (homepage)
This is a Waste of space. At least you got the name right! This is awesome! It's like nothing, but it's cool.

Early AM Surfer:
Oh boy...I've seen it al now. Actually, I saw nothing! :) Seriously, I got a kick out of your page. May it continue to waste away.

I still don't know how I managed to find this, but it's quite cool. You must have a lot of time on your hands. Keep up the good work.

This web page that you call "A Watste of Space" is no waste at all. It has filled the void in my life that I have always tried to fill. Some may see a downside to my new found joy in your page, by pointing out the fact that I have lost my wife, children, and my family buisness because I spend 14 hours a day scrolling up and down your empty web page. But the losses I have suffered can never compare to the fulfillment I have found in consistantly scrolling up and down this web page. Thank You Thank You Thank You
[Err..., Your welcome.]
Just so you know, the page isn't a very big waste of space in the Opera browser. I know what you are thinking, what loser uses the Opera browser? Oh well.
[Yeah, really.]

U_238: (homepage)
Oh my god. I have found the promised land. This place is so f*ckin empty... But strangly I like it. Keep up the good, or empty work.

It is Spiritual and interesting and a waste of space

Amanda Hugankiss:
I thout my site sucked
[Oh, I'm sure it still does. Nice name. Desperate much?]
well, I have to admit that this is the perfect place to go while waiting for an email. It's like a big, blank waiting room with no stuff in it.

What the fuck!?!?!?!?!?!?!


What is the point of that
[Couldn't that be said about anything, really?]



ashes: (homepage)
just one question. Why?
[Why not?]

Pedro Vasquez:
This page changed my life. You,my friend, are a saint for making this page

TaNd3M: (homepage)
I was sitting here all alone thinking how meaningless my life was. Then I found your page. After spending an hour to get to the secret message (I have an OLD 486), I had some time to think. I realized that all things are no more meaningless than any other thing. I felt a miraculous calm! My depression was gone. Now, several weeks later my life has changed completely! I am happy, envigorated and take on life with an entire sense that it's ok to not have a purpose!! Now I am actively working to establish a Church of Wasted Space and I am directing all my members to view this site once a day! I just wanted you to know that your inspiration is...Wholly.
[Glad to be of some help.]

Elye Maldoon: (homepage)
Thinking of all the wasted days and wasted nights.
While I surf through those wasted sites.
This has to be the net's best Place.
For those who insist,"I need my Space".
           ~~ the net hitchhiker

Republican Buttocks:
I've not been home for days....may I build a new one in your space? I will keep it small and tidy. Just need indoor plumbing.

Bob: (homepage)
Thanks for providing this waste, I can't believe I wasted time sending this comment as well as reading the respone section. I could stare at this page for hours. Help, I'm wasted and I can't get up....

bec ki:
truly a waste of space, time, energy, thought, breathe, did i mention space? yes i did. it was definately a waste of space. your mission in life has been accomplished.

Heath Colwell:
I don't think it is fair to the concept to say this is a waste of space. I think you should call it the internets largest waste of time and money. In a select few, your page may inspire thought, just as a poem. Both poems, and thoughts inspired by poems contain no worth, therefor the time spent is a waste. Time is money, right? If I was to bill the company I am working for right now, they would pay $7.31 for the time spent on this page....a waste of money. Fact still remains, the space produced something else, so it isn't worthless...the product it produced is. Have a nice day :)

Scott: (homepage)
I think that your space is actually very full, in the way that the director Derek Jarman's film 'Blue', despite being shown on a completely blue screen is. So there.

Spam Llama Cheese Person: (homepage)
WOW! If microsoft didn't have all those files for downloading, your page would DEFINITELY be the biggest waste of cyber space... (My page is very wasteful, just small)
[Well, one of my fears is that Microsoft will sue me for my claim of being the Internet's "largest waste of space"]

John Wilkens: (homepage)
About the black or white issue...Since white reflects all light and black absorbs all light, the right color is white. To make the site capable of absorbing 1 million pixels square of light creates a functionallity (for what I have no idea), which is not a waste of space. Perhaps this site can be beamed from the spacestation Mir, instead of that huge reflector they are trying to do, speaking of gargantuan wastes!
Thanx for the adventure!

Jon: (homepage)
Damn, I was gonna think of something funny to say, but it seems that the space has sucked all the thoughts out of my head. It seemed as my thoughts passed by the even horizon of the enormouse space you have created, the gravity well sucked them all in. All that is left is enough mind to keep my heart beating and to type (my drool function is on overload). I think you have created the first man-made black (or shall I say white) hole. What a waste...
Forever Drooling from the waste.
[Hey, don't get the waste wet, man!]

You go boy! I say: Why not? If you actually take the time to make up this page and figure out the #'s, and we actually take the time to view this page, then WHO CARES!!!
Since I wasted my time looking at your page a comment is in order. You're missing three friggin pixels. After stacking all those monitors and melting down the local nuke plant from all the power they draw, you're missing three pixels. You want to truly make this page a waste? Make it psd format. It's huge and not many people will have photoshop to view it with. Resulting in a downloaded image that is not viewable. A *TRUE* waste. Great site. Keep it up.
[Unfortunately, Photoshop only allows files to be a maximum of 30,000 x 30,000 pixel.]

I think that its very interesting that a large white space could provoke such a large number of responses. Next thing you know, people are going to be asking you to update it regularly and start a mailing list. You could send out plain white t-shirts and charge $20 apeice!
[Hmmm... Now that might be a good idea.]

This is really interesting but maybe you could toss some space junk in there- you know, just for some realism. Keep up the good work, from your friends in Fla.

All the people that visit this post could be out in public wasting other peoples time with mindless dribble.People should be happy they waste their time here instead.By the way,its 8:27 pm ,go figure....
[That's okay, this page is timeless.]

Jack Dawson:
Rose??? Rose????!!!!???? where are you Rose?!?!?!?!?!!?
[So how many times did you see "Titanic"?]

Ed Kindle:
This page left intentionally blank.
[Are you asking? Yes, it is.]

You must get some really strange people coming here...don't worry, I won't analyze your empty wasted's interesting enough!

dj: (homepage)
This is such an awesome site. It was made for people like me. You know when you feel like you are doing nothing in life all you have to do is log on to this page and you know that you are not ALONE.

waste? whats waste? sth that has really no use. and that page has - lots of ppl come here and wonder. so it isn't neither waste nor useless.
if ya wanna see true waste u gotta see my life. i do nuthin and am proud of it.

yurtle the llama monkey eater:
This .......
is the single coolest thing ever. i think you've changed my life..

(sniff! it's so beautiful...)

MaRiSa iN TeXaS: (homepage)
This waste of space is keeping me awake at work. It can't be all that bad.

Or my job just really really sucks.
[Perhaps a little of both?]

I'm surprised no one thought of this earylier.

stevie d: (homepage)
I must give you credit.. this page is possibly the stupidest page I have ever seen. Now i must urinate on it

Now time to go to microsoft

heidi kelly:
Hi, I really liked your wasteland and wanted to send you some stuff you might enjoy. Space is a good thing in these days and I really like white myself though a nice salmon might be interesting for a change of perspective every now and then. Heidi

Tricia: (homepage)
The honesty of it! It's like performance art! So many web sites are useless but your's is the first to come forward and do so boldly! It sends me spiraling into all those wasted classess I took at another waste of space called Kingsborough Community College. A perfect vaccum. I hope when they set the bombs off that this is the only web site to survive!

Not a racial slur I swear! But white is the total presence of color and therefor one might argue that color is occupying this space. Black is the total absence of color. Just a thought.

Andrew: (homepage)
I enjoyed the waste of space. Theres something very zen about it. I have theory though, I believe that is only a small waste of space in a world of much larger wastes of space. One day I hope to see all of theme at once and I will think to myself 'ahh how beautiful, very very beautiful'.....

sean king:

Ramba: (homepage)
What kind of drugs are you on? You had to be wasted to do this!!!!!

Bend Over: (homepage)
Wow! I thought my brain was the largest waste of space! I guess who ever designed this bloody thing, takes the cake! It's also very cosmic, like the big dipper, it's very large but empty at the same time. Things that make you go hhhmmmm. One more thing, eat SPAM!
[Spam is for llama-lovin' freaks, man.]
Congrats on the creativity I never would have thought of it.It's really cool though.I'll recomend it to all my friends. Hours of fun for the whole family!I could spend hours here (again!) I come here everyday! This page is my life!Every day I come here and re-count the pixles and even though I get the same number every time I don't mind! I could hump your leg for making this page! I love you I get all excited and horny everytime I come here I just got to go rape the family chicken! *cluck cluck* Well I better go bettsie's a'callin Thanks again *hur huck* Bye love you
[Exactly the crowd that I hoped to attract...]

Professor Richard Benjamin:
This page really is an inspiration to us all. We are so wrapped up in todays materialistic society of greed and selfish, empty goals that this web site is a powerful enough statement to make one open there eyes and see the real truth of what life is about and why we exist. Well done on the site - oh, one more thing. Turn off the lights, go to the main screen and just stare at the white space while scrolling down until you get to the bottom (it takes a while), by th ened you will be on your way to finding your true inner self.

When I first looked at this page I thought, How stupid! But, then I started reading the comments and I realized How people can get suck into things that mean nothing. It is as unimportant as Bill and Monica. Great site!

This is the best use of the web that I've ever seen its great. everyone tells you don't waste finnally some one got the last word on it. I wish I would have thought of it first, think my next web page will follow your example and just be a waste

[Someone sent me a comment, but I deleted it accidentally, so if you sent me something the week of 3/7/99 and it's not here, sorry. Send another comment and I'll post it.]

Madison F. Meanbiscuit:
I laughed out loud when I tried to scroll but the extrapolations regarding pixels, monitors, and bank loans had me rolling. You could tell people (ficticiously) that there is a punchline to the following joke in the middle: "How do you keep an idiot buisy?"

Hernando Gómez R:
I can´t see the difference between this and any other web site. The other sites are full of emptiness, too.

Yena: (homepage)

                OOOOOO        OOOOO
               O      O      O     O
               0      0      O     O
               O      O      O     O
                OOOOOO  OOOO  OOOOO
           OOO         O    O          OOO
__________O O O_______ O    O ________O O O_________

Doctor Cookie: (homepage)
OK, you asked if the wasted space should be black? Well, think about how the monitor sees it. All of the itty, bitty, little white pixels are still made up red, green and blue coloured electrons. Saying this, how is black represented on the screen? We all know that true black is nothing but a void of reflected light (go to your nearest black hole for true blackness), so how is 'black' displayed on the screen? I don't know, so I don't know if the waste of space should be even black. Ho, hum.
[Yes, in that sense, it should black.]

Jonathan Osters:
This page bites!!! I could not think of a more stupid idea for a webpage. There is not any reason to stay at this page for more than twenty seconds.
[Yet you probably took at least that long to send the comment...]

well, for all the crap I've seen on the internet, yours takes the cake. keep up the good work, but perhaps make it a bit longer.

Peter Benoit: (homepage)
Waste not, want not.

Locutus: (homepage)
You rival the Apple homepage.
[First compared to Microsoft, now to Apple.... I must be moving up in the world.]

...hmm.... why.... Drugs? lots of drugs??

Don't you have a job? HELLLOOOOOO! Too much time on your hands? I guess I shouldn't comment, I've been to your page!
[Luckily, my job affords me the freedom to be creative... or something like that.]

Dan Druff (antihanson30):
You wanna see a waste of space?

[What's to get?]

leprecon: (homepage)
damn and i thought i smoked a lot of weed

phuzzydee: (homepage)
what can i say!? i love it! its

And I thought that my life was a big waste??? Now I feel better. The author just wasted more time making this page than I have! Pretty darn kewL!

I'm still chuckling here...... very, VERY funny!

Pat T:
I love it it's like a cat scan of my brain

Tommy C:
I love it

My contribution

I should stop

Really, this is getting old

Jesus loves you, as do I
Keep on trucking
[There was a lot more white space between the lines in the actual comment, but I didn't feel like putting them all in.]

a massive waste of your, and my time. Hoefully i won't die a minute short of true understanding.

Eric Vaillancourt: (homepage)
I think that your page must be black. White is a mix of all colours. Black is no colour... i think... -)

What a relief it is!

Injun Wolf:
....Reminds me of Al Gore's E.E.G.!!!!!! ........Or maybe Bill Clintpn's....... Or Hillary's!!!!!!

Maggie McKenna: (homepage)
Best waste I've ever seen!! >smirk< or not seen...
Webster's defines "Waste" as a "sparsely settled or barren region." While its true there is an extraordinary amount of unsed, wasted space here, I find this waste mildly amusing in fact. Some of the comments left by past visitors of this waste are terribly funny! I am the 7,052nd guest to view this page. Remarkable that all these people before me were just wasting time checking out this waste. And, as I sit here, I wonder how many more people will be wasting time and visit. I'm thinkin I'm going to have to visit often. What a waste! >snicker<

Your description of wasted space is analogous to saying that the space between the trees in a forest is a waste of land usage.

not THAT bored...:
Go read a book.


vijay parmar:
Now modern art has finually arrived on the Internet, we are not worthy....

M.T. Edmondson:
A nice site to get lost in after trying to teach the English language to adults all day. Perhaps it reflects some of their minds during class. Interesting!!

Nitehawk: (homepage)
I couldn't stand looking at all this wasted space without doing something about it (or with it). So I hacked your site and placed an X on it. If you wish to see it you will have to scroll down 39,060 screens or 39,996,260 pixels then scroll across 31,247 screens or 39,996,928 pixels. Sorry, I just couldn't help myself.
The first person who finds the X will receive a prize if you send your complete name, address and phone number to:
Waste of Space Prize Center
PO Box 0

Liz Comeau: (homepage)
Though I realize it's an idiotic waste of the time and space, I just can't seem to look away....

Your web site I have embraced
No other can boast greater waste
It's so sublime
I'm taking the time
To copy it via cut-and-paste

Jon: (homepage)
Great Concept. I'm thinking it would be nice to add a bookmark and a link that goes to the lower right hand corner (for the scrolling impaired.

Mike Cantwell: (homepage)
Actually, I've seen much smaller pages filled with such trash that they would also qualify as equally wasted space.

marx myth:
The only waste of space that is larger would be my mother-in-law.

Alain R.-Bastien:
The first man-made virtual desert! Is is somehow fascinating... Absolutely useless, but with a twist...
Who said that mankind was affraid of emptiness?
Al. R. Bastien

Too waste our most unreconized gift.

Jef: (homepage)
It is about time someone had the guts to create such a controversial page. Bravo! Now, go outside and live!

you have the coooooolest room around
you should be proud of yourself thinking up something so intelligent
you did good work
im glad i had the time to explore it

R: (homepage)
I believe that many religous fanatics, priests, followers, etc. would argue you about your seemingly waste of space. In true actuallity you have created a pool of thoughful reflection and cosmic understanding.
In Star Trek: The Next Generation, Data was once caught reading a large amount of blank lines in a poem designed to have the reader or listener time to contemplate the purpose of the poem or to contemplate whatever they wish to contemplate. This pool of contemplative waste has been truely benificial to many lost seekers and wanderers of the web. Shoot it took all of my efforts to keep from throwing small pebbles into my monitor. So I think that you need to rename your page "The Internet's Largest Space of Contemplation."
Or if you truely want it to be a waste of space, fill the whole frame with "spaces" (using the escape code for a space over and over until you actully fill the space, but then you would have to do more calculations as to how big a space is and how many you need to fill each line and how many lines you would need to fill the space).

Diane Baguley:
No snide remarks. Everyone talks about wanting their own space...Well you did it.

Cosmic Spider: (homepage)
If you want to take this waste to another level, why not place a single black pixel somewhere, and have people waste a whole lot of time hunting it down.
You could call it Space Hunt: The Wasted Aboration.
See ya 'round the Cosmos

You know last night when I was sleeping I heard a blank noise outside my door. I looked out side and noticed your web site. I laughed, I cried. I downloaded Zoloft and cruised on Klonopin Kryptonite. :-) NG
P.S. In the morning you were gone...and I felt empty :-(

Great Wise One:
All those critical probably never eat candy bars with "wasted calories"
Never Sit on the dock of the Bay
Never sleep more than they really need
Never watch Baywatch (what a waste) or
Daytime soaps (a really big waste)or
Read the tabloids or
Spend time worrying about things they cannot change or
Spend time not changing the things they can
Did not tune into the big Victoria's Secret cyber non-event
Did not Follow every detail of the Monica & Bill show
Do not Memorize sports statistics
Never watch infomercials on the Psychic Network
or Read comments on a page about wasted space

"Me thinks the lady protesteth too much"

[Why not?]

Stephen Alexander: (homepage)
The joke for everyone is that the wasted space is only on one's computer screen. The physical layout of the page is generated by the browser very quickly. Now if you were to save 1,600,000,000,000,000 seperate files that were only one pixel in size, then you would have a lot to download and need a very large web site to host the space need. I once had a corrupt Word Document generate a 20,000 page document for me, when it suppose to only be a 5 page document. 99% of the pages in the document were blank... empty space!

L C Goode: (homepage)
My comments are

                                I think that covers it!

JudyG: (homepage)
I love to waste time and space, keep it up!

The Guru:
I was brought to tears. This has got to be the most beautiful waste of space I've ever seen. The emotion, the passion is overwhelming....god!...I think I'm going to cry again........

nothingness implies a somethingness

brrd: (homepage)
I think black would be more appropriate since black is no colour, whilst white is all colours combined. Just MHO, Adrienne

Antonio Nevada:
Mayb_ if you r_mov_ th_ l_tt_r E you'll hav_ mor_ wast_d spac_.

Lee Arhelger:
Empty space is neither white nor black. I remember an early word processor I had that presented you with a blank screen. You could not cursor around because it was blank. However if you types a bunch of spaces the look of it didn't change but it was no longer blank. The initial screen was filled with nulls so was truly empty.

John French:
My monitor is almost shot -- and my Internet connection is -- on a good day -- terrible! So thanks to your ingenuity, I have found a website that is oblivious to either problem. Brightness control doesn't work... who cares?! Kicked off the net halfway through the download -- no big deal! Is there a Nobel prize for web brilliance?

Ho Nugget:
My God, and I thought some people in my dorms were taking up unnecessary space. Ugh. Well, at least it's humorous. The way I look at it, this is one more entertainment device on the Net. Yee ha. Done now.

Mmmm...empty...but dig the imagination...

Rock Steady:
Although most people do not really give it much thought we live in a World of color, that is everything but what we see. In other words, when you see a green leaf, it is every color but green. The color you see is what is left over … "reflected" … and not absorbed. Because black is all colors, it absorbs all the light, and we see black. Were it less the color green, we would see green … and so on.
White on the other hand, is no color. Nothing is absorbed.
Don't believe me? Next really hot day. I mean really hot. Go out to the parking lot, and take off your clothes. Slowly rub your b… Oh! Woops! Excuse me.
As I was saying, put your precious naked butt on the hood of a white car. Now try a black one. Now call a doctor. Or call me. I would love to see this trick done in person!
What is my point? Of course this homage to nothing must be white! If it were black, it would be completely full!

I have been trying to find "Casper's" Homepage! Thanks!

Yo Venni:
Holy cow & I thought my mind was a complete blank!!!

Everyone needs their space :-)

Captain Rebekkah: (homepage)
Good for meditation exercises and relaxation time. Yes, it may be big but it has something in it to see. Interesting idea. I am a space person and I don't think it is really wasted space. Good idea.

Rick the web critic:
I love the white background, truly inspiring,!! I give it two middle fingers up!

The Final Frontier! Spock are you here? Add another button for Dummies Daily (that is how I found this) It is so quiet here Maybe a little background music (sounds of nothing maybe)

Ben Jamin: (homepage)
Finally a web site listing all the intelligent thoughts that have ever come out of the mouths of polititians.

pat munro: (homepage)
                    I love all waste
And solitary places where we taste
The pleasure of believing what we see
Is boundless, as we wish our souls to be.

You don't like Microsoft. You have a sense of humor. You can waste time and space with the best of them. Are you a Macintosh user? If not, you should be!!! Neat site...I think the white is the best non-color for it.

                  * Think Different

Why don't you animate sections of it?


Thanks I needed that.

Lackluster Jack:
The National Gallery of Canada will probably buy it from you for a couple of million.

HAHAHAHA.............I surely do love the WHITE!! Makes me feel like Im truly up in the GREAT WHITE compass points to mark my way :)) and abt the "wasted space" is a great place to spend some time....just wasting time next time i visit the page tho....i shall wear my SHADES :)) oh yes there shall be another visit

Just think when everyone elses pages fall to the wrath of time because they are not cool anymore. The wasted space page will still be a waste of space. No updating, no new codes to learn, just a plain old waste of space.

Wait A Minute,
I'm still counting the Pixels.

Phil Baumgartner:
You are the internet's biggest dork

John Williams: (homepage)
I'd like to echo something said earlier. James Pinson said that, from a Judeo-Christian view of creation, black is the color of nothingness. It's also the color of nothingness from a physics standpoint... monitors are lit by light, and black is the absence of light. So black would be more of "nothingness" than white.
Of course, no matter what you do, the space around your logo serves to define the boundaries of your logo, and also places that logo in a particular context which affects the emotional/aesthetic response to said logo, so I hardly think it's a waste.
Nice try, though.
-- John "Waste of Space" Williams

pooter: (homepage)
This is a very unique site and it is too funny!

Why not have a contest to try and find a black pixel among the sea of white you call a void.

Genghis: (homepage)
Black. Black like the silly goth in all of us. Black like the humor that should be. Black, like this page should be, also. Why? Because it's scarier!

macque: (homepage)
Very well done. Bet you had no idea you'd get such a variety of responses to absolutely nothing.

Tigress~`: (homepage)
And I really mean it! *s* The Psycho Asylum of Stardust acknowledges you. Feel free to put this html award-code on your site...uh, waste of space.


Presented to you with honor by Tigress~` of The Psycho Asylum of Stardust

Pepperika: (homepage)
~ wasted away again in mega-pixelville... ~
~ searching for my next waste of time... ~
~ some people claim that theres lack of woman to blame... ~
~ but i know... ~
da da da da da
~ cuz im a net addict... ~

Someone: (homepage)
Can you do another page just like it, please.

Dane: (homepage)
if there is escape through minimalism of design and purpose, you are enslaved by your own creations.

Willi Da MAN ! ! !: (homepage)
HEY ! ! ! I bet yu a white man ! Yeh ! Only a white duud could come up with such a thing spreeding ALL dat "whiteness" around ! Yeh ! Our KING man done did OUR thing in the sixties ! Dontcha kno that ! Yu betta get dat "BLACK" pag up soon man or some BRUTHERS from da HOODE gonna cum to yur house LATE AT NIGHT & teech yu dat "BLACK IS BUUTIFUL" - - ya kno ! I like white to - - like in white gals !
Yore MAN - - Willi
[Da Black version is now up. Peace out!]

Raul: (homepage)
That was funny!
What do you do for a living, mon ami????
[I make weird web pages... hmmm, what to do next...?]

I couldn't figure out why I was drawn to this site, like bugs to a fire. Then the answer came to me, it's like a home comming for me, since I wasted away most of my life. (Bryan are you slacking off with your remarks?)
[Yeah, this page has been popular this week, and I have barely had time to add the comments.]

My brain hasn't done this since I left drugs. Perhaps I should reconsider.
[Well, I've never done drugs, and I thought up this site... So what does that tell you?]

I won't waste my time sending you any comment.
[Please don't.]

I got to this from the mining co. website. Very Zen, very cool. What is the sight of an empty webpage? Your site is a koan in and of itself, my friend. There can be no solidity without space. You need space to have walls, and you need walls to have space.
[Ahh, the mysteries of the univers.... Kinda like "How much wood could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?"]

Wow, man. I was really wasted when I started surfing tonight. Thanks for making me feel that I achieved my goals.

I liked this page. I mean, how could you not like it? It had a positive effect on every one of it's visitors so far, which is close to twelve thousand netizens at the time of this posting. If you debate that they've all had a positive experience, just read the comments. There are only three kinds of comment: idiots posting insults, idiots-in-denial posting attempts at philosophy, and posts of appreciation (like this one). All of these posts show satisfaction. Idiots love nothing more than insulting thier betters, idiots-in-denail love having people listen to thier rantings, and the people who post in apprecetion have gotten thier satisfaction from the page itself. So my conclusion sounds kind of ironic:
This page is just a large amount of nothing, but it has something for everyone.
(After reading my own rant, I think I'm a bit of an idiot-in-denial myself. :) )
Thanks for sharing your Waste.

Jason Pettit:
Finally! Some true emptiness in an otherwise faux-empty world. Viva la waste of space! By the way, are you selling any advertising space? So many pixels, so much opportunity! Every once a while a web page comes along. This is one such page.

George: (homepage)
Negative comments about this site are the real waste of space here. Microsoft maybe a bigger waste of space, but I won't waste one monitor screen to view their site. I've apply for the loan to view all of this site. It's still pending! Let's party when the loan is approved. Big party - I plan only to buy one monitor with the loan.

What do you mean there was nothing in there? I saw these little peopls dancing and telling me that I need to go and dance with them! I think that I have made a ton of little-people friends thanks to you all. Hooray for the little-ones!

Matthew Wilson:
Just think, if you ever have kids you can say: "One day son, this will all be yours ..."

Nephlite: (homepage)
The infinie quaint...
It leaves a tear in my eye and a chunk in my throat....

L.K. Root:
What a WASTE!! And that's just what you're going for! I like it! It brought a smile.
[Your welcome.]

not any more Iam not

.x. DaiZy .x.:

here's to wasted space!
[Sorry to cut you short, but it's only in fairness to those who have comments below.]

It doesn't have to be a waste!
Possible uses include:
1) snow blindness simulator
2) zen reflection
3) with the aid of a printer, make nice warm paper - without getting it messy with ink!!!
etc etc...

Clint: (homepage)
I don't understand this page. Why do people make these sort of pages anyway?
I reckon they should get rid of them.
See ya!
[And which "they" would you put in charge of ridding the world of pages like these?]

Mike Math:
i thought i was stoned until I viewed your pages and I am now a true beliver the in the 3rd realm, make sure to update it as I will be back in the future. 8------ >

It's just so beautiful.

THE SLUT: (homepage)
I am a slut, yeah, that is me.

and this site is a waste











sluts can do things too!


Nicole: (homepage)
I found another page that uses more space... Check out this URL!
[Um, yeah, except it doesn't. First, the page isn't nearly as big. Second the links in the corners are wrong, although I figured out where they were supposed to go. And third, you didn't take into account the Geocities Watermark which covers half of your bottom-corner links. Thank you, drive thru.]


grandstaff: (homepage)
go to my site to view the internets greatest use of "SPACE".................

nOely: (homepage)
Why not make a BLACK version of the waste of space? As black isn't a color but simply a lack of it, you'd have your own virtual block of nothingness. Hell, if you don't do it, I will *grin* but I'll surely link to ya page.
[There is a Black version.]


ilove it man the best place i have wasted my time in, in a long time... now you got to make it bigger...
[Working on that.]

To be a Real waste of space, shouldn't it have numbered lines of little x's, like the MSDOS.sys file does? I mean, the remark in the file even says they're just there to make the file bigger.

Sisyphus' Sister:
I believe that {BOB} knew what he/she/it was talking about when SLACK became the opiate of the masses.
Live on..SLACK is all.

courtland: (homepage)
I liked it better than CATS. I'll see it again and again.

Leave it white. You have soooo much more potential to waste that way.

your pretty racist..... you gotta make a waste of space page, but you dont make a black page for the black folk. now how racist is that?
(im white:)) I was bored so I came to this stupid site, and i had a good time, keep it up jerk!
[Frankly, these racial comparisons to the Waste bore me. There is a black version for those who think that would be a more true waste. But, perhaps I'm suggesting with this site that white people are a waste.]


Eagle: (homepage)
go to THE DFW HOMEPAGE. it is a cool fantasy wrestling league.
[In case WWF/WCW/ECW/etc. aren't fantasy enough. Enjoy your plug.]

You need to add some sounds and movie clips of nothingness - this would make it a multimedia waste of space.

June Stephens: (homepage)
I have taken enough Philosophy courses in my life and have a Master's Degree in Educ. THings are&are not as they appear or seem.
If you call this website a waste, then it is.!
If you say it is acknowldged as a site, then it is NOT!
This is a Paradigm
However, my 2cents is that it IS a website and not a Waste of Space & empty.
I wouldn't be writing to an EMPTY SPACE!!
Would I? Would you?
Think: Is a Chair a chair because it IS OR- because that's what we named it?
Interesting though., very, I will pass this on.
[By it's existence on the World Wide Web, it is a site. The site is not claiming to be empty, per se, but it claims to be a waste of space defined by the boundaries of the page. The Chair question is not a valid question. Is it named a chair because that's what we named it? Yes. A peice of matter in a generally chair-shaped form would still be a peice of matter in a generally chair-shaped form regardless of it's name. Does a rose smell so sweet because it was named "rose"? Are you over analyzing the Waste because you were named June?]

Why not make it blue? When seen from the outside, space is blue.
[From where outside do you see space looking blue? The blue sky is not space.]

Lu: (homepage)
Is this like your brain? Pretty big but empty? LOL, just kidding man. Cool Concept. :)

J Karlin:
Speaking of wasted space ... Have you ever considered how you might compare to, say, Washington D.C.? Now, those folks know how to waste space. I dare say that "The Internet's Largest Waste of Space", while wasteful, still has a ways to go.
[Perhaps I'll run for Congress, then get on a committee and get some you your tax dollars appropriated for the building of a monument to the Waste. There's plenty of room between the Washington Monument and the Capitol Building.]

to waste space is every americans right.. good job. what microsoft wastes space? no really? lol

I am here to give you a big pat on the back...You have givin me time to sit here for hours and read and look at space!! I think your sit is cool...what made you think of doing this???
[I wish I could say something cool, like the idea came to me in a drug-induced delusion, but it didn't. Apparently, I just think like that sometimes.]

Mark Twain: A main who picks up a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way.

Teddy B:
What a waste!
[What a comment!]

Impulse Shopper:
On the two main rules of page design: black backgrounds DO NOT WORK, and less is more, you win on all counts, even with your new version that breaks rule one.
[Well, as for black backgrounds not working, I think that's more a matter of personal taste and thus incorrect state as fact that they don't work.]

where to begin ... well first off i'd like to address the remarks concerning microsofts page and it's waste of space. i will grant that it may be a larger wast of space than this however, i believe that this page is better because its waste is intentional. My only other comment would be regarding the color. As a college student, I can think of nothing more intimidating than a blank white page when trying to come up with an eight page paper by the next monday.

You are most peculiar. I do believe I like you. ^.^ And, oh yeah, one last thing. The last remaining brain cells in my head had self-destructed when I saw this page. Can you lend me a towel to clean up the mess?
/Sometimes, I take a look into the world inside my head/
/and realize the crazy things we do.../

Deg The Goblin Polka Dancer:
I think that you should make an effort to waste even more space. But, I would like to thank you for letting me experience your wondrous waste of space.
P.S.-A site called wierd places is also linked to you, it is at


i think that you should plant a little (very little) almost transparent tree somewhere in the middle. Dare anyone to find it! Contest for those who do?

I used to think I was wasting time when I surfed the web at work. Now that I've found this page, I know the time I wasted before was minute and meaningless. Thank you for showing me the true meaning of waste. I am forever in your debt.

[I know you're comment is, but what about the site? :p]

OLY!!: (homepage)
I spend hours every day reading this site over & over again. It's the best place on the internet & I just can't get enough of it.

whoever made this is a jackass, 100% bona-fide dumbass
[I don't recognize the address, but you must be someone I know.]

Red Dragon: (homepage)
Cool man, a total waste, an even bigger waste was reading all the then just to waste more time (yes i'm at work....hehe) i looked at all the links to everyones homepages.... life is compleat... the fat lady can sing now.... keep up the good work

Vickilf: (homepage)
Now that I have "Wasted my time" viewing this page, I have book marked it so I can come back and waste some more time. How can a nothing page be so interesting? How can we spend time looking at nothing and enjoy it? Guess we may never know the answer, but anyone who is reading this, has done the same thing and can enjoy the "waste of time" as well! LOL!!! Have a good day!

Xanman: (homepage)
I searched forever to find this. Now that I have I figured I should waste some email. :]
[Consider it wasted.]

matt morin:
I think the funniest thing about this page is that people are so threatened by the fact you are wasting space that they actually take the time to cuss you out for it. It seems to me that this page could serve as a great psychoanalytical (pardon my spelling) tool. Kinda like those ink splotches that tell shrinks how crazy you are.
[Personally, I take great pride in the comments that are mean or insulting. It's one thing to irritate someone, but quite another to push them beyond the point where they just ignore it and go elsewhere to the point that they feel they must spit electronic bile at me. It's also seems a touch ironic, in a way, that those people write anything at all.]

Sleepless in Bangor (PA that is):
we have seen the greatest fortune known to man! is...The Waste! my brother and i have spent many an hour contemplating the waste, and we have come to a single is a waste.....a very good waste, but still a waste!.. we have invisioned the waste, and seen the black and white versions, now we wish to invision the insides of our eyelids...we shall in fact at any moment fall asleep at the keyboard, unless of course we take one more look at your page of insomnia...we are now becoming one of the many ppl who wrote in with long quotes that we skipped b/c they were so we bid you farewell for the time being..."good night sweet prince, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest" and no, we're not as smart as we sound!..Have fun, and bring me more wasteful dribble!
[Good night, sleep tight, and don't drool on your pillow.]

[...and luxurious.]

Not bad, but here's a real waste of space
[Yes, quite a waste. Quayle for Prezident!]

learn how to spell... it's 'your', not 'you're' in your comment to one of the last couple of comments... cool site though
[All better now.]

vaia xorrada
[Translation...? Anyone?]

pedrito tenia un clavito: (homepage)
me juego los cojones a que esta idea se le ocurrio despues de que su novia se fuera con otro eskeeeeeeeeee me juego LOS COJONES hoahoahoahoahoahaohoaaoh
(mas que nada porque a mi se me ocurrio algo similar cuando me dejo la kañdlfjapfdiasñldfa de mi ex)
[Translation...? Anyone?]

[Nothing, but she did say it was cool in the form choice box, which as you'll note, I don't post here.]

To say the least it was interesting. I liked the comment page. I didn't understand why so many people had to get all obscene though, if this is what you want to do, you have my support.

Point 1: the rating is a compliment.
Point 2: In the 'why' section you have: "we could get really philosophical about this and say things like: "By claiming this space as empty and acknowledging it as such, it is no longer unused, and therefore, not wasted." Yadda-yadda-yadda. Kinda the whole 'if the tree falls in the forest / objective reality' thing. "
your wrong because the 'tree falling in the woods' thing does have an answer! The dictonary defination of SOUND is: 'To be heard' therefore if it is not HEARD there is no SOUND.
[Thanks for the compliment. First, a few posts above, it was pointed out that I spelled "your" as "you're", which I corrected. In your case, you have "you're" as "your". But enough about spelling....
Second, "sound" has many definitions, some old, some new, all dependent on use (noun, adjective, etc). The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the noun variant of "sound":
Main Entry: 3sound
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English soun, from Old French son, from Latin sonus, from sonare to sound; akin to Old English swinn melody, Sanskrit svanati it sounds
Date: 13th century
1 a : a particular auditory impression : TONE b : the sensation perceived by the sense of hearing c : mechanical radiant energy that is transmitted by longitudinal pressure waves in a material medium (as air) and is the objective cause of hearing
Let me first say that the question, as I understand it, is:
"If a tree falls in a forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?"
Based on definition 1c, sound is defined as the physical process that is sound, which directly causes hearing. Therefore, by all known principles physics, if a tree falls in a forest (the forest presumed to be like most Earth forests: having trees, an atmosphere, a solid ground on which trees can fall and gravity with which to pull them down), there is a sound.
I was going to concede that based on definitions 1a and 1b, your argument has validity, but that's not really true either. Based on 1a and 1b, if no one is there to hear it, it is a moot point, because sound, in that case, is defined as the sensation perceived (caused by a sound as in 1c), so someone must be present within range of the physical sound waves as they are strong enough to be within a person's physical range of hearing to hear the sound. However, this does not mean the physical sound is not created.
Another problem with your argument is definition. I'm not sure what dictionary you are using, so I have to go with what I know about the English language. The definition "to be heard" uses heard "to express futurity, arrangement in advance, or obligation" to sound (from definition of "be"), which to me seems like "a sound is made to be heard", which is not the case. "If a tree falls..., does it make a sound?" uses sound as a noun, and as in "is a sound produced?" Not one of the alternate entries (of which there are many) in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines sound as "to be heard". The closest verb definition of sound as it relates to physical sounds and hearing is "to cause to sound" or "to make a sound". But just because a physical sound can be heard, does not mean that it must be heard.
So, do not limit yourself to one definition, as it cannot necessarily be applied universally. And please do not argue precedence of definition (a being more correct then b, etc.), that's not how dictionaries are written. 1, 2, 3... may have precedence by usage, but not by correctness. The definition of a word is determined by use.]


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I_AM_SCIFI: (homepage)
This place is cool.




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yo flipo macho, admiro al autor de esta página mira ke tener ke pagar por una pagina gratuita y ke encima este en blanco...

Usagi Kiryuu: (homepage)
WoW!!! I never thought that anyone could make such good use of wasted space! Gotta love the black version!
P.S. My site wastes space too.
[Don't they all.]

Fly Bunny:
I have to say this is the most kick a$$ page on the net! I say have no colors but black and white. This is the coolest waste of space! damn i luv it

This has to be about the stupidest site I have ever sean and I think it rocks

your site needs a print button!!!
[This intrigues me. What would happen if it were printed? I guess lots of blank pages.]

Why the heel would someone goto all the trouble of getting a website, naming it "THE INTERNET'S LARGEST WASTE OF SPACE", fill it with nothing and then ask people to comment on it. How do you comment on nothing dumb ass???????????? Why didn't you put something like a games page or a links page or a programming page or a fan page or another page that would be useful and not just a waste of web resources that somebody else might just want to use or need to use for some good site. BUT NO!!!!!! You had to go and stick this shit here and waste precious PRO-HOSTING space (which just happens to be one of my favourite servers).
[How can you comment on nothing. The page isn't on ProHosting. Yet. I hope to move it soon and make it a little more interactive.]

really its not wasted space..
...its something for you to get comments about...
...and get attention... must not get out much...get a life
[Yes, I should get out more instead of spending every minute of every day adding pixels, one at a time...]

So tell me... did you just make The Waste for the comments you'd receive? It's ingenious... you didn't have to spend hours creating some stupid web page for people to critique, just left a big empty space there and let all the "questions/comments/snide remarks" come pouring in. I think I'll be back often just to read the reactions.... nice! hehe :] ~Alison~
[I guess that's arguable. I like to think of The Waste as web art, but the comments that people submit are a large part of the experience.]

Jack Fratboy:
One word: Condos. Start building now man. What a waste.

I'd like to thank Bryan for this marvelous preserve. There are not many places where a pixel may lie fallow in it's extreme state of 1 or 0. It warms my cockles to know that somewhere in this wide world, there is a home for indigent pixels. It is at the edges of these vast preserves where the greatest diversity lies. And diversity is balance. And balance is good. I'm weeping with joy.
[Yeah, I get choked up sometimes, too.]